The Committee comprises adults with CHARGE, parents of individuals with CHARGE syndrome as well as medical and educational professionals and others who are interested in the syndrome; all of who volunteer their valuable time. 

CHARGE Syndrome Association of Australasia – Patron

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2017 – 2019 Committee Members and Directors

Position Member Contact
President Madelene Rich president@chargesyndrome.org.au
Vice President Vacant
Secretary Vacant admin@chargesyndrome.org.au
Vice Secretary Amanda Greenfield amanda.greenfield@chargesyndrome.org.nz
Treasurer Simon Robinson accounts@chargesyndrome.org.au
Vice Treasurer Vacant
Director – Outreach Rob Last rob.last@chargesyndrome.org.au
Director – Education and Training Elizabeth Levesque Ph.D. elizabeth.levesque@chargesyndrome.org.au
Director – Research and Development Vacant admin@chargesyndrome.org.au
Director – Communications Louisa Cameron Communications@chargesyndrome.org.au
Director – Fundraising AU Vacant admin@chargesyndrome.org.au
Director – Fundraising NZ Amanda Greenfield amanda.greenfield@chargesyndrome.org.nz

2016-2017 State Directors

Position Member Contact
Director – New South Wales Louisa Cameron Louisa.Cameron@chargesyndrome.org.au
Director – New South Wales Ellen Howe ellen.howe@chargesyndrome.org.au
Director – Queensland Lisa Russell lisa.russell@chargesyndrome.org.au
Director – South Australia/Northern Territory Vacant
Director – Victoria/Tasmania Kylie Moore kylie.moore@chargesyndrome.org.au
Director – Victoria/Tasmania Elizabeth Levesque Ph.D. elizabeth.Levesque@chargesyndrome.org.au
Director – Victoria/Tasmania Belinda Arnell belinda.arnell@chargesyndrome.org.au
Director Western Australia Vacant admin@chargesyndrome.org.au
New Zealand
Director – South Amanda Greenfield amanda.greenfield@chargesyndrome.org.nz
Director – North Vacant


Past Presidents

2013 – 2018
2008 – 2013
2007 – 2008
2006 – 2007
2005 – 2006
2003 – 2005
2001 – 2003
1999 – 2001
1994 – 1999
Lisa Russell
Annette Stocker
David McHugh
Tricia Gillbanks
Ken Patterson
Alan Stone
Jim Farhart
Lisa Stone
Ken Patterson