Better Start

Is your child under 7 years old? Have you registered for Better Start?

The Better Start for Children with Disability initiative provides funding for early intervention services.

CHARGE Syndrome, along with many others, is now recognised and eligible for the program.

Each disability included in the Better Start program is subject to an eligibility threshold. These thresholds have been determined by the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs.

Children with an eligible diagnosis must register for Better Start before they turn 6 years old. A child will have until they turn 7 to access funding.

Children registered with Better Start can access up to $12,000 (maximum $6,000 per year) to pay for early intervention services. These services include:

  • audiology
  • occupational therapy
  • orthoptics
  • physiotherapy
  • psychology and
  • speech pathology

Families living in outer regional or remote areas may be eligible for an additional one-off payment of $2,000.

This payment is to assist with additional expenses associated with accessing services.

For more information about how to register your child with Better Start call your local Carers Association on 1800 242 636, and/or download the information brochure. Additionally, CHARGE Directors in each state have copies of brochures that can be posted. More information can be found by clicking here.

Ref: Registration and Information Service.

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