Calling for participants!

I would like to inform you of another new research study titled “Experiences with feeding and swallowing, as it relates to mouth over-stuffing and pocketing of food in cheeks, during meals in children with CHARGE Syndrome”. This is a voluntary research study involving two short questionnaires and an interview with a student researcher consisting of questions regarding your child’s experience on the following topics: eating, mouth over-stuffing or pocketing of food in cheeks during eating, swallowing and choking during eating, experiences with speech language pathology therapy and physiotherapy.

If you are a parent/guardian of an individual who has a confirmed diagnosis of CHARGE syndrome and has experienced mouth over-stuffing and/or pocketing of food in cheeks during eating, you may be eligible to participate. Please contact Alexandra Hudson at

For more information about the study, please review the Invitation to Participate below:

Invitation to Participate in the Feeding and Swallowing study

Your participation is greatly appreciated!

Thank you.

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