Other Features of CHARGE

Consistent with CHARGE, possibly medically significant, but less helpful in making a diagnosis

Chronic ear problems Lots of infections, fluid in the ears, PE tubes until teens 85%
Sloping shoulders Underdeveloped shoulder muscles, small or missing pectoral muscles, short neck Common
Limb/skeletal Absent thumb, extra fingers, vertebral abnormalities ?
CNS abnormalities Hydrocephalus, seizures, abnormalities seen on MRI or CT Occasional
Thymus or parathyroid abnormality Small or missing thymus, decreased immune system Rare
Omphalocele Omphalocele or umbilical hernia 15%
Nipple anomalies Extra, missing or misplaced nipples Occasional
Hypotonia Low muscle tone 90%
Scoliosis Usually due to low muscle tone Common

What else can look like CHARGE (differential diagnosis)?

  • 22q deletion syndrome (aka VCFS, DiGeorge): can have many of the same medical features. However, the face, hands and ears look different. Special FISH test can diagnose 22q deletion
  • Kabuki syndrome: can have many of the same¬†medical and behavioral features.¬† The eyes and fingertips are different and puberty is early in Kabuki syndrome.
  • VATER/VACTERL association can result in similar medical problems. The ears, face and hand do not look like CHARGE syndrome
  • Chromosome abnormalities. Some chromosome abnormalities can have features which overlap with CHARGE syndrome
  • Retinoic embryopathy: exposure to Accutane during pregnancy can produce similar ears and heart defects – other features are different
  • PAX2 mutations can cause colobomas, hearing loss and rare kidney problems

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