A new study into the growth of children with CHARGE syndrome

We need your help!

Monica Wong and Conny Van Ravenswaaij-Arts, from UMCG in The Netherlands, are currently conducting a study in measuring the growth of children with CHARGE syndrome. This is the first time this study has been done on an international scale. They are very keen to enrol children from around the world and invite you to participate. If you’re interested, please review the information in the document below. You can also download the questionnaire below, complete it and return to Monica and Conny via their email charge@umcg.nl.

Information for parents growth study_v4

Growth Form – ENGLISH_v4

If you don’t have all the relevant information for the form, please contact your Paediatrician for help. If your Paediatrician is Dr George Williams please let him know that you are interested in enrolling in the study as he is happy to provide assistance. His email address is info@georgelw.com.au

The study closes in September this year. Your participation helps us all learn more about CHARGE syndrome and its management.

Thank you.

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