Corporate Governance

The CHARGE Syndrome Association Limited is a registered company limited by guarantee under the Companies Act.  The Association has approval to raise funds as a charity. It has DGR (Direct Gift Recipient) status and all donations are tax deductible.

The Directors meet monthly via teleconference in Australia and New Zealand.

The financial records are maintained in accordance with Australian Accounting Standards and Concepts.

An independent auditor audits the Association’s financial records annually.  An audit report forms part of the Association’s Annual Report distributed to members each year.

Where requested, sponsors are informed and updated as to progress and plans.

An annual budget is developed and monitored on a monthly basis.  The Budget is aligned with the Association’s objectives as outlined in this Business Plan for greater transparency of our operations.

To request copies of our constitution, members can contact the Association office on:

Australia +61 (0)2 9605 8475
New Zealand +64 (0)6 753 9008