What We Do


The vision of the CSAA is for improved quality of life for children and adults with CHARGE Syndrome.

Mission Statement

The CHARGE Syndrome Association of Australasia Ltd is committed to improving the health, education and wellbeing of children and adults with CHARGE Syndrome and supporting their families in Australia and New Zealand.

What we do

The Association’s objectives include:

Medical Research:

To support and encourage CHARGE Syndrome research into its identification, cause, consequences and management.  This information should aid clinicians in providing optimal care with improved outcomes.

Family Support:

  • To provide advice and assistance for respite care for children and adults with CHARGE Syndrome.
  • To provide advice support and information for children and adults in supported accommodation.
  • To advocate for quality of service and liase with relevant organisations to achieve and maintain optimal standards.

Conferences, Seminars and Workshops:

To provide a link between families, education providers and the medical profession.  Conferences are organised by families and professionals.  They enable vital networking.

Public Awareness:

To promote educational awareness of CHARGE Syndrome and the Association among the general public, medical profession and education providers.  This will enable increased support for the Associations mission, recognition and understanding of this complex CHARGE Syndrome and to reach those in need of our services.


To achieve the Associations vision and mission by:

  • Increasing our influence with private and public organisations; and
  • Supporting families of children and adults with CHARGE Syndrome voice their interests and concerns.


  • To offer contact and support to families of children and adults with CHARGE Syndrome.
  • Contact is provided by newsletters, telephone links, face to face parent groups, website and electronic media.