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Children with CHARGE
A film by Rob Last

1993 – Filming began for inclusion in my presentation at the first USA conference in St Louis.
At that time I focused on communication and the gross motor development of each child. The presentation included video clips of seventeen children.

2000 – Follow up filming.
From the initial seventeen I followed the progress of ten of these children.
The focus became broader including development, education, growth, medical, social issues and other achievements.

2007 – Further follow up.
Each of the ten participants was then revisited and filmed in 2007.

The result is an anecdotal, longitudinal record of their progress from 1993 to 2007.

Permission was provided by Brianna, Yasmin, Anthony, Andrea, Sophia, Ellen, Julia and Talisa for inclusion in this website.

Rob Last

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We have CHARGE, so what!
“I think this might be the most important piece of video yet made about CHARGE!
The thanks are all due to you and your very small band of helpers.
Just imagine the impact this will have!”
David Brown