Smoke Alarm Subsidy Scheme for Families with Deaf Children (NSW)

Have you thought about installing a smoke alarm for your deaf child or a deaf family member?

Did you know that subsidised smoke alarms are now available for a limited time through the Deaf Society of NSW to deaf families? Why not make the most of this opportunity!

Smoke alarms that vibrate and light up are normally very expensive to buy – did you know it could cost you as little as $50 (or free to low income families)?

Please don’t hesitate to apply for this unique opportunity.

Some smoke alarms are portable, others can be wired in.

Take the anxiety away and install a smoke alarm – hopefully you will never need it – but it could save your life and your family’s!

Look them up on the website or contact Greg Mills – SASS Coordinator directly for more information. Email and phone (02) 8833 3600.


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