Financial support in Australia


The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is being introduced across Australia.

Is a person with CHARGE Syndrome eligible?

A person with CHARGE syndrome is most likely to be eligible. You will need to gather supporting documentation. Check the NDIS eligibility checklist.

What do you need to do?

There are many steps involved in the process of obtaining and using NDIS funding. Here are some tips for tackling NDIS prepared by one of our CHARGE syndrome mums, based upon her own experience.

Carer’s support

You may be eligible for a Centrelink Carer’s Payment or Allowance from the Federal Government. This is different to the NDIS.

There are some types of supports that the NDIS may fund, that may have direct or indirect benefits for you as a carer. Check their Help for families and carers page.

Other government supports available

Companion card

Enables eligible people with lifelong disability to participate at venues and activities without incurring the cost of a second ticket for their companion. Find out more on the companion card website.

Mobility parking permit

You may be eligible for a permit. This makes attending all those appointments, just that little bit easier.

Parking permit in NSW

Parking permit in Victoria