Online course: understanding CHARGE Syndrome

Understanding CHARGE Syndrome will be delivered as a 6-8 week free online course via an innovative training tool called a MOOC (massive open online course). The course will be open to anyone in the world with an interest in CHARGE syndrome:

  • People living with CHARGE syndrome, their families and carers

  • Medical and nursing professionals

  • Allied health professionals

  • Teachers and educators

  • Advocates, service delivery staff, support workers, planners

We hope this MOOC will significantly raise awareness of CHARGE syndrome amongst health and educational professionals and will strengthen the capacity of families and care givers. As is evidenced in statistics from similar MOOCs developed at the University of Tasmania, course enrolments can exceed 80,000.

Course content

The content and delivery of this course offers university-quality education on the latest knowledge and research on CHARGE syndrome from the world’s foremost experts in the field, including:

  • Diagnosis and medical aspects of CHARGE and genetics

  • Communication and sensory integration

  • Behaviour and social interactions

  • Education and the adult years

Certificates will be issued to participants upon completion of the course. This will be a game changer for our families and care givers as they will have peace of mind knowing that if the person caring for the individual has completed this course, they will have a good understanding of CHARGE syndrome.

Our Academic Leads

Dr Kim Blake (Paediatrician, Canada)

Dr. Daniel Choo (ENT specialist, US)

Dr Jeremy Kirk (Endocrinologist, UK)

Meg Hefner (Genetic Counselor, US)

Prof Nancy Salem-Hartshorne (School Psychologist, US)

Prof Tim Hartshorne (Psychologist, US)

David Brown (Deafblind Consultant, US)

Kasee Stratton-Gadke (Psychologist, US)

When is it available?

The course will be available in April 2020, but you can register your interest now.